Certificate in Research Methodology (CRSM)

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Programme Name:
Certificate in Research Methodology
Programme Code:
Programme Fee:
Rs. 2900/-
Min Duration:
6 Months
Max Duration:
2 Years
Medium of Study:
Programme Coordinator:
Dr. Ashish Dash (a.dash@osou.ac.in)
Programme Details:
 The aim of this course is to impart research skills to the beginners and help to improve the quality of research by the existing researchers. It also encompasses the understanding and application of appropriate research design, statistics, and the use of the computer for data analyses, report writing and presentation. The course also introduces the key conceptual issues of each research method, as well as giving practical guidance. It covers the series of research methodology contents: from problem formulation, to design, to data collection, analysis, reporting and dissemination. The course has the dual aims of equipping students with conceptual understandings of current academic debates regarding different methods, and the practical skills to put those methods into practice.
Learning Objectives:
This certificate course will provide students with:
  • A concrete understanding of the methods of doing research, data collection and analysis, report writing
  • An understanding to identify the research gaps by reviewing the existing literatures on the concerned topic and state the research questions
  • Identifying the difference between qualitative and quantitative data collection methods and analysis strategies
Duration of the Course – Minimum: 6 months, Maximum: 2 years.
Conduct of Classes – Weekend for 4 hours (preferably on Sundays)
Total Counselling Sessions – 16 hrs, Study Hours – 480 hours.
Evaluation – Based on Assignments, Project Work and Term end Examinations
Target Group: Students pursuing Post-Graduation courses in any discipline and research scholars and other teaching professionals can join to enhance knowledge on research methods and methodology
Eligibility Criteria: Minimum Qualification - +3 pass
Pedagogy:  The Course shall be taught with Self Learning Materials, e-learning materials, OERs, Project Assignments.
Course Structure:
RSM-01 : Foundations of Research
RSM-02 : Qualitative and Quantitative Research
RSM-03 : Use of ICTs in Research
RSM-04 : Project Work. 
Programme activated in following Study Centres:
  1. District Jail Balasore, Balasore (0203S)
  2. Ravenshaw University, Cuttack (0703)
  3. Circle Jail Cuttack at Choudwar, Choudwar (0704S)
  4. S.B.R. Govt. Women's College, Berhampur (1101)
  5. Circle Jail, Berhampur, Berhampur (1106S)
  6. Government Science College, Chatrapur (1107)
  7. Vikram Deb (Auto) College, Jeypore (2001)
  8. Circle Jail, Koraput, Koraput (2003S)
  9. G.M. University, Sambalpur (2801)
  10. Circle Jail Sambalpur, Sambalpur (2806S)