Certificate in Emerging and New Media Studies (CENMS)

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Programme Name : Certificate in Emerging and New Media Studies
Programme Code : CENMS
Programme Fee : Rs. 1500/-
Min Duration : 6 Months
Max Duration : 2 Years
Medium of Study : English,Odia
Eligibility : +2 Pass or Equivalent
Programme Details

Learning Objectives:

  1. Necessary skills to learn the Modern day technologies of Media
  2. Knowing the tit bits of Social and Emerging Media
  3. Knowing the techniques of how to write for this media

Learning Outcome:

  1. After Completion of the course a student will be able to handle Social Media of any Organization.
  2. Now-a-days there is growing demand for Social and New Media Experts, so this course will provide the students the required knowledge in that particular domain

Total Credits: 16
Total Teaching Hours: 16 Nos. of Contact Classes (480 study Hours)
Conduct of Classes: On Weekends
Duration of the Course: Minimum 6 Months, Max 2 years

Eligibility Criteria: +2 Pass
Target Group:

  1. Working Journalists
  2. Communication professionals working in different filed
  3. Students who want to pursue career in this new Media
  4. Any other from the above


  1. SLMs
  2. Contact Classes
  3. Exposure Visits
  4. Practical

Course Structure:
CENMS 01- Communication, History. Law and Ethics
CENMS 02- Reporting and Editing
CENMS 03- Social Media
CENMS 04- Emerging Media